World Council for Curriculum and Instruction

Philippines Chapter


As educators and professionals from all over the world, we join together in this person-to-person, non-governmental, non-profit global organization, committed to active participation in efforts to achieve the purposes of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI).
We uphold a comprehensive sense of respect of self, others, and the environment, and the capacity to participate at all levels of world society from local to global.
We commit ourselves to pursue these ideals, and fulfill the purposes of WCCI within our professional responsibilities, and in our organizational relationships.

The World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) is a transnational educational organization committed to advancing the achievement of a just and peaceful world community. It was organized at a conference in Asilomar, California, USA in 1970. WCCI is a non-governmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
Membership: members are those who embrace the mission, goals and advocacies of WCCI. We invite educators, administrators, professionals, community leaders, and members of civil society to join us.

WCCI Philippines is pleased to announce the creation of a COMMITTEE ON PROGRAMS, PROJECTS, SPECIAL ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS. This is in recognition of the wealth of resources that WCCI members have to offer both individually and collectively to fellow teachers and educators, from their experiences which can contribute to educating global citizens of the future today.

WCCI is a treasure trove of educators who are experienced authorities in different subjects and/or areas of interests in the various fields of human concern. They have much to offer to teachers of all levels and all subject areas. The Committee on Programs, Projects, Special Activities and Events is gearing up to help WCCI Philippines provide the means through which it can inspire and encourage its members to share best practices, exchange teaching materials and resources, and provide enrichment training opportunities for their continuing professional development.

All ideas/proposals for training projects, lectures on various subject areas or areas of special interest in education, sharing of resource materials and best practices are welcome! Contact: Dr. Marites Guingona-Africa, WCCI Philippines Programs Committee Head. Email address: maritesafrica@gmail.com; mobile #: (63) 9175389358. Thank you!
Registration for October 12, 2019, is now up. Kindly visit and register through the link below.